Help yourself to tea and coffee!

by Dawn Bradfield
(Swindon, Wiltshire, UK)


What? Can’t you see I’m taking a nap?

We were having a party at home and, as usual, the ferrets gate crashed and became the caberet show for an hour or two. Then, one by one, they pottered off to bed, leaving the “grownups” to continue.

Being the worst hostess in the world I just said “help yourself to tea and coffee, the spoons are in the drawer beside the cooker.” And left my guests to it while I circulated with alcohol!

Suddenly there was an ear-piercing scream!

A neighbour had gone to get a spoon out of the drawer and discovered Rosie, my lil poley jill, curled up fast asleep in the cutlery. She’d managed to squeeze through the gap between the unit and the fridge (we thought it was way too small for her) and climbed up he back of the unit and into the drawer! A perfect spot for a quiet nap!

The neighbour wasn’t actually scared of Rosie but the shock of finding her there caused her to scream!

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Jun 04, 2008 help your self to tea or coffee
by: jcqlcarlyle

That was soooo cute. Thanks for sharing it. They do find some really out of the way places don’t they.

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