Herbal remedies from Azmira

by Susie Dresh
(Fort Worth, TX, USA)



Abby, my female albino ferret is about 7 years old. Several years ago she started losing her fur, her vulva was enlarged and she had that pot-belly. She really looked terrible.

I started her on Azmira herbs (www.azmira.com). Three different formulas – Yucca Intensive, Immunostimr (essiac formula), and Stress & A’drenal. These are liquid extracts.

I mix the drops with apple juice diluted with water and add a little ferretone. Also, I’ve moved her sleeping area to the inside of my bedroom closet, inside a pet carrier with a towel covering it for complete darkness (my ferrets are free roam).

She lost more fur this for winter season that she ever has, but now it has grown back thick and soft. She looks so good, and appears to be feeling well. Her vulva is back to normal, and has lost that pot-belly look.

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Apr 22, 2008 Thank you for the advice
by: Anonymous

It’s good to know that there are other things out there rather than stuff the vet gives our ferrets which could help sick ferrets. Abby reminds me so much of my first ferret who also was an albino. She died several years ago but I still miss her 🙁

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