Hermes….Mr. Herms…

by Tammy

Mr. Herms you are my heart

Mr. Herms you are my heart

Mr. Herms was a fighter! He was strong and loving and just plain adorable! We found out he had Lymphoma (in his intestines) and he was not even 1 years old. He got very sick..lost a lot of weight. He went down to 1.1 pounds.

After doing some research I bought him Carnivore care and I syringe-fed him 3 times per day from October to February then I fed him 2 times per day. He also was on prednisone once per day and I can say that he went up to 2.5 pounds.

He played and got to be a ferret again..

He fought up until yesterday (3/11/09) he had refused food for almost 1 week and was really just an unhappy was his time.

He fought hard and beat the odds and I am so proud of him! He is my heart and I love him so much. Now he has no more pain and he can run and play and dance!!

I can not wait to see him again. It would not be heaven without you Mr.Herms!


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