Hi, I really want a pet ferret

by Molly
(England,East Sussex)

I have looked at getting so many pets in the past:
Blue tongued skink
Dragon(five yrs old)

And I have finally decided I want a pet Ferret, but the problem is – I can’t wait 3 years!!! I have £10 already, but I only get £2 a week pocket money. And there’s a lot of other things I want too. I know I don’t sound that committed but I am desperate to have a pet. All my older brothers and sisters had a pet when they were younger and I feel like the odd one out! I know it sounds like I just want one cause they had one but it isn’t just that. They are beautiful creatures and I would love to have a fuzzy pet adorable mischief-making ferret.

I am also looking to be a vet/animal nurse when I’m older but how can I without any experience! I’d really love some help or any ideas to make more money. I have read all the sites for the most accurate answers. I have adored from afar. I have divided and times to work out how long it will take to get one I have done EVERY SINGLE THING!!!
Thank you for any help or compliments!!!

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May 11, 2011 Thanks
by: Anonymous

Thank you, I’ll see the site. And my family are likely to help me and we have had lots of weird pets in the past so I think I can handle it (e.g Snakes, blue tongue skinks, Leopard geckos, Scorpions).

May 10, 2011 Money making ideas
by: Anonymous

Molly – this site might give you some ideas on how to make more pocket money …


May 10, 2011 well
by: Stephanie

I suggest looking up how to take care of one, and assuming you’ve already have, I can’t say they are good pets for first time pet owners. I had a zillion gold fish (all named ariel XD (whaaaat, I was 5 XD)) a Hamster, a Russian desert tortoise (also not for first timers), 5 cats (not including the strays I feed) and three dogs.

Ferrets require a lot more care than all those in my opinion. They are sweet and loving, but there’s a lot you’ve gotta do to keep it that way.

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