I just wanted to say I read the sick ferret page, and it almost made me cry. I want to get a ferret, but I have so many questions and I don’t want to get one, and then not be able to fulfill what I think i can. I will probably end up getting one, but not for a few years.

My boyfriend & I have rats, and they say that rats are better off with at least two, is that the same with ferrets? That’s my main question. And I figure I would get a big cage for them at night, and then I will let them out during the day, because I want to be able to have my cat too. As you can tell I love my animals (:

Thank you so much for making this. I absolutely love this website, it has helped a lot.

Love, Alex (:

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Jun 27, 2011 Ferrets & Rats
by: Claire

Hi im am a 13 year old from the UK and would have liked a ferret but I’m not allowed one so I would quite like some rats. I am a responible pet owner and have previously cared for two guinea pigs, a hamster, two gerbils and partly a dog. I have researched all about rats on the internet and they seem like good and fun pets to have. The only trouble I will have is persuading my parents. I hope it’s not to much bother, but could you mabye write a little comment with all the good things about rats so I can show them and try to change their minds? I would really appreciate it. BTW the sick ferrets page made me sad too. One more thing, do rats like handling, because I would love a small pet that I can hold a lot. Thank you, Claire.

May 19, 2011 Hi Alex 🙂
by: Anonymous

Thank you so much for your very kind words about my site – I am so pleased that you like it. It really is a labour of love on my part 🙂

Ferrets are wonderful animals – they’ll make you laugh like no other animal can with their silly antics, they’re smart and they’re very affectionate. They really have wonderfully endearing personalities.

HOWEVER … some can be destructive (with furniture and carpets), as well as being very stubborn when they want to do something they know they shouldn’t, and those traits can irritate their owners. That’s when it’s likely that people who haven’t bothered to research what it’s like to have a ferret as a pet get rid of them.

I always suggest that people who are thinking of getting a ferret should go to a ferret shelter/rescue and speak to the person there. Get to hold a ferret and watch them interacting with each other, find out about their different personalities and, if they still are keen to get one, let the shelter owner pick out a suitable ferret for them.

There’s a saying … “Ferrets are like potato chips – you can’t stop at just one!” LOL! But it’s pretty spot on!

I think it’s better to get two ferrets because they can always keep each other company when their owner’s not there and they can cuddle each other when sleeping. You’ll have double the pleasure but that also means double the cost re medical & food bills so it’s important to make sure you can afford them.

Don’t forget, if you have lots of questions you’ll get them answered on the forum so I hope we’ll see you there 😀

May 18, 2011 hi
by: Anonymous

You do not need to buy two ferrets but it is more fun with two. Just remember they do need shots like cats do.

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