Hideki (October 2007-March 2008)

by Marylin
(Fayetteville, NC)

We adopted Hideki on December 2007.

Let me start by saying he was not a planned baby. I went to my pet shop just to see the ferrets, when I saw a little white bundle sleeping inside the food crock. He was so tiny and me and my daughter asked the employee if we could hold him.

When I picked him up he looked so sad that it broke my heart. I decided to take him home because I thought that if I left him there he would die.

We took him home and immediately started spoiling him with lots of kisses, treats and toys. He would play with Daisy, our sable ferret, who initially was not very happy to see him.

When he fell sleep he would make sounds and I would hold him and kiss him and he would make sounds. I fell in love with his pink eyes and his cunningness. He would be playing, but when he saw me sitting on the floor, he would come to cuddle on my lap. He loved to be hold and kissed.

On Friday February 29 I was clipping his nails and getting ready to clean his ears I noticed what looked like a big chunk of wax in his right ear. I removed it and cleaned the ear but later noticed pus coming out of it.

That Saturday he started to look sick and I took him to the Animal Urgent Care in town. They send me to Raleigh, which is a one and a half hour drive. They checked him and prescribed Amoxicillyn.

Monday he got worse and I took him to another vet, who changed his prescription for Baytril and put him in the hospital, where he was for 2 days.

I took him home Wednesday and he looked weak, but happy.

Gave him his meds, but on Saturday his condition deteriorated. I was praying that he made it through Monday, so I could take him to his Vet, but he died that Sunday.

I just want to say that we will always love and miss him, our little snowball!!!


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Hideki (October 2007-March 2008)

Apr 06, 2008 How Sad
by: Jacque
Yes !! it seems they pass all to soon. I lost Bandie about the same way — one day fine, the next’s it’s off to the vets.
You did all you could with what short time you had. I’m sure he felt & loved you as well.You gave him a good home & loving care. He was lucky to have you in his life as well as you were to have him in your life.

Mar 29, 2008 I’m so sorry about Hideki
by: Karen
I’m really sorry about Hideki. He was a sweet baby (still is) and he had a good home and wonderful parents and the best care possible. I think that when my two saw him cross over they said “Hey, you look like our sister Cupcake! Come play with us!” I just noticed that the confirmation word at the bottom of the comment form for this is “SHALOM”, which means peace. So, maybe that’s Hideki saying he’s fine now, feeling peaceful and he wants his family to feel peace too.

Mar 18, 2008 What a tragic story!
by: Nona It’s amazing how quickly it all happened, especially after you did everything you could for Hideki. Poor little fellow.
Well he had the best treatment available and a caring family looking after him so although he had a short life, it was a happy one full of love.
He’s waiting at the Bridge to say hello and give you kisses again 🙂

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