Holistic Ferret Vets on the Net

I used to be totally skeptical about natural remedies for pets until I saw the results for myself. Friends in the south of France had a cat which was very ill and was given just weeks to live, if that.

They took their cat to a holistic vet and within weeks the cat had put on weight, had a sparkle in its eyes and was the picture of good health.

I was so impressed with the incredible change in that cat (who ended up living for another 4 years) that when Kaos, my BEW, developed cardiomyopathy, I researched what I could and bought all the supplements I could get to help her quality of life.

To be honest, I really don’t know if they helped but I can say that Kaosdidn’t spend all her time sleeping like CJ, my last sick ferret, did when he was diagnosed with insulinoma.

I did the same when Muis and Kahlua got ill too, and, again, they were pretty perky till the end so from that I would stick my neck out and say my supplements did help them.

Unfortunately we don’t seem to have a holistic ferret vet here in the West but hopefully there’ll be one nearby for you guys

If anyone has a good holistic ferret, please let me know so I can add the name here! Thanks!

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