Home Invader

by Cindi
(Rio Rancho, New Mexico, USA)

Tonight while laying on my sofa around 11:30 pm MT in Northern Meadows, Rio Rancho NM I got the shock of my life when I saw something unusual in my bathroom hallway.

My dog was terrified and ran into the front room, while I ran upstairs to get my husband not yet knowing what was in my house!!! We quickly determined we had a ferret in our home, now the question remains; whose baby is this and how do we find the owners?

I have a picture I posted on Facebook, hoping someone would come forward, and plan on putting pictures on mail boxes. In the meantime having read this information above I need to figure out what to keep him/her in????

I have a dog crate would that work temporarily? and what do they need for food? My 12 year old son is already in love with this furball, but understands we need to try to find its owner. You can tell it’s very well socialized and very playful.

Any help would be VERY appreciated!


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Jul 30, 2013 Ferret visitor
by: Anonymous

Hi Cindi

Yes, your dog crate sounds like a great place to keep your visitor, as long as the bars aren’t too wide so that the ferret can wriggle out 🙂 If you have any old T-shirts or sweatshirts then please put them down for its bedding and, if you can, get a litter pan with paper pellets for it to use.

Good quality cat food is fine for ferrets – I’ve been using Iams chicken for my guys since 1994 and they’ve all done really well with it, and a bowl with fresh water. If you have a heavy based bowl that would be good to put into the crate as ferrets love to tip over bowls 🙂

I usually advise about what ferret owners should to do with a lost ferret so this is a first – LOL!

Great that you’re prepared to find the owner but what really worries me is that I’ve heard so many sad stories about ferrets being dumped and it *could* be that your ferret is one of those.

Have you thought about what you’ll do if the owner doesn’t come forward? If that happens and you decide you can’t keep it, then here’re are details for a ferret shelter for you to speak to …

Texico Ferret Rescue
Director(s): Kimberly Fried
Texico, NM
(575) 309-6225
E-mail: Fertrescue@aol.com
Website: www.texicoferretrescue.org

Putting flyers out around your neighbourhood is a great idea and if you have a local newspaper, perhaps you could put a notice in the “Found” section. Also contact the vets around your neighbourhood – they might even know who the owner is.

I also have a FB ferret page


so if you want to “like” me and give me more details about your little friend, I’ll send a post out and perhaps someone will know the owner. We can only hope!

Thanks so much for posting and I hope we’ll find the little one’s owner soon. If not, I hope it will have a loving, forever home with a new owner 🙂



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