Hoping for a ferret

by Meg Linnae
(Chicago, IL, USA)


I am an eleven year old girl who loves animals. I am close friends with a vet who has a parrot, cockatiel, FERRET, chihuahua, and a beagle. They are all loving pets, but the cockatiel is now very grumpy.

I have always been jealous of her because she has a ferret. I have been doing research and asking her questions about how to take care of a ferret. Sadly my dad said no. He thinks you can’t litter-box train them, you can’t put them in a cage, they walk around the house and spray stink every where!!! So he won’t let me get one. I know all these things he said are wrong you can litter-box train them, you can have them live in a cage, and you don’t have to let them stink everywhere.

I also have 2 very gentle cats and 1 very loving dog. They are always nice around other animals, and when I had a hampster they were friends with it (but the older cat was scared of it). My dog has killed a wild baby bunny in the past when she was a puppy, but now she just ignores them.

My sister and brother both want hampsters and goldfish, but I am just worried about the hampster because I know ferrets are carnivores, but we would keep them in 2 totally different rooms.

So tell me what you think — email me at pinkypie0021_AT_aim_DOT_com or limelemon0021_AT_aim_DOT_com

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Jun 28, 2009 Hoping for a Ferret
by: JC

Hi Meg

Have you sat down with your father & showed him all the information there is out there on Ferrets???

There’re many sites with picture and film strips on Ferrets & their owners. Just might change the way he thinks about them. I have learned a great deal by talking to others on the Internet, and have enjoyed many stories & pictures from other Ferret owners.

I have 5 ferrets & I love them, they are just like family & Yes !!! they are all litter trained & No !!! they do not stink & Yes!! you can cage them, but they do need time out of their cage to play.

Good luck, Hope you find this helpful. I hope you get your sweetie & love him or her as much as I do mine.

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