how fudge and snowy came into my life…..

by laurie penny
(stourbridge, england)

they wanted play

they wanted play

they wanted play on the first day

It all happened so fast but since it did, it’s change my life around and here is how it all happened……

Well I was looking on the internet for good pets and on the list there was a ferret. At first I didn’t know what they were but when I saw them, I automatically fell in love with them.

I had done lots of research on how to care for them and what they would need. I then looked on preloved *a site where they sell animals* and I saw an ad – the woman had baby ferrets (kits) for sale. She said that I could go and see them when I wanted to.

When I arrived there they were in a box and unnoticable. They looked so cute and one was all white. After a while I chose the ones I wanted. I was allowed to see their mother as well.

After a couple more weeks the day had come and I went to pick them up. When I arrived home with the ferrets, I decided to name them Fudge and Snowy. Fudge is very energetic and likes to explore everywhere LOL..Snowy is the cuddly one…

I hope that you will give ferrets the chance to go to nice loving home 🙂

thank you 4 reading
by Laurie Penny aged 12 x

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Jul 18, 2011 f n s
by: Anonymous

thank u for the help

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