How I got “stuck” with three ferrets

by Jamie Childers
(McArthur, Ohio, USA)

I live in the backwoods of Vinton County, Ohio. My family and I decided to invest in a feed store. We no longer have it due to family issues.

One day, this wonderful lady brought in four of the oddest looking bundles of fur i’d ever seen. She wanted to sell them out of our store. Of course my mother volunteered me to foster them while we waited for them to sell! I never wanted anything to do with them from the beginning. They were one month old little fat rats to me….at first.

I quickly sold three of them after making sure they were loved on enough to be friendly. Then there was Georgie. Curious George is his full name. He was so mischievious that within the first week that I had him, I had to dig him out from chairs, couches, entertainment centers and of course, the toilet. I quickly realized that I had a lot to learn.

Once I had the basics down, we were smooth sailing. But, I was a little worried about Georgie not having his litter mates anymore. So, low and behold, when we had decided there were to be no more animals in the house, two females joined our family. Katie quickly decided she was the boss in charge. She is the eldest, grouchiest thing I have ever met. My husband is her only handler because she only likes him. Then, my delicate little witchy woman. I call her Witchy. She would never EVER think of putting a dainty little toe out of line…unless there was a cat nearby that she could scare the crap out of.

We have discovered that the toilet is no longer our friend, as well as the vacuum cleaner. Georgie managed to get himself stuck, head first in the belt area. Did you know ferrets enjoy fish tanks? we didn’t until last spring. Needless to say, it is no longer in our home!


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Oct 01, 2010 your ferrets
by: Anonymous

Your ferrets sound like they’re a lot of fun and I’m really pleased to see that you’re now owned by them 🙂

They have a way of wriggling right into your heart and capturing it. I’ve always been a pet lover but never have I been so enchanted by animals as I have been by ferrets. I think most ferret owners would agree they’re got us all under their spell!

Enjoy your babies. I think they’re real lucky to have found you and I’m sure they’ll enrich your lives no end.

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