I am DESPERATE for 1!!!!!

Hi I’m Lottie. I am 13 and I live in England. I really want a ferret and have tried everything.

I have …
Done a powerpoint
Made a film
Contacted ferret organisations
Nagged and nagged
Seen like every website on them

Do you have any idea what else I could do to persuade my parents?!!?

Please I’m desperate!
Oh God I sound really sad, don’t I!!!

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Apr 24, 2009 Desperate ferret owner to be …
by: Joe

Hey Lottie

Maybe you could ask your parents to take a look at all the information on this page? Lots of new ferrets owners saying how wonderful it was to be ferret owners?

I know it’s hard when your parents don’t want to have a certain pet in the house but they might just realize that ferrets aren’t smelly, awful, biting animals when they see how many of us really love our ferrets.

Try it and see … but remember – a ferret is not a throw away pet. If your folks say you can have one, you MUST promise to look after it properly and … if you go to college after high school … think about who will look after your pet then if you can’t take it with you.

I wish you luck 😀

Apr 20, 2009 I am Desperate for 1
by: JC

Dear Lottie.
If you have done your research on what it takes to own a sweet ferret, then you know what it cost to raise them, the amount of time you have to spend with them each day & the cleaning is non-stop.

They (Ferrets) are just like having a small child that you have to look after every day.

Have you sat down and showed your parents what you have learned. Sometimes our parents know what is best for us & for the pets our children want. So if your heart is set on a Ferret, then only time will tell.

But do talk to them & I do hope you find your sweety. They are a joy to own. Good luck

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