I had a ferret for a short time…

by Jennifer
(Cedar Hill, Texas)

I had a ferret once. I lived in an apartment and my downstairs neighbors had 2 ferrets. We became friends, and one of their ferrets died. I had NO idea how to care for a ferret, so I didn’t notice right away how badly they neglected their poor pets. But once I started to pay closer attention, I noticed that an apple had been put in the cage (which the ferrets NEVER got to leave, btw) and that it was still there 2 weeks later, in all its fermentation glory.

The litter box was almost never cleaned out and the poor ferrets were miserable. I knew they were neglectful on keeping the cage clean, but I still didn’t know how bad it really was for the poor things. It got to the point (the apple was the proof I needed to KNOW they weren’t doing anything for them, along with the terrible smell) that I decided they definitely needed rescuing. So it took weeks, but I finally convinced them to let me have the ferret (the older one had died by this point). I also had to convince my husband. I wasn’t sure I wanted to own a ferret, but I couldn’t let it suffer and do nothing. So I drug the filthy cage and ferret upstairs.

The first thing I did was a major clean ou, while I let the ferret get some exercise for the first time in who knows how long. It took hours to get the smell and filth off of the cage. Then I bathed the ferret. He really liked the water, just swam and swam. Then I started doing research on what it meant to own a ferret. When I realized that amount of work involved, the high cost (which I simply could NOT afford, like it or not) and the damage they are capable of doing (we rented a 1 bedroom, almost fully carpeted apartment), I knew right off I would have to rehome him. So then I started researching ferret rescues in my area. Everyone was full, imagine that. So I placed an ad and began interviewing possible forever homes for him. This process took a couple of weeks. In the meantime, this little ferret was quite entertaining!

He did exactly as you said, to my carpet near the bathroom and bedroom door. I couldn’t let him in the bathroom, because there is an opening underneath the sink vanity that he can fit through, but I can’t. He didn’t like taking NO for an answer. He was a lot of fun though, even if he did destroy my carpet! I finally found a home for him, with a couple that I really thought would be the best choice. They had previously owned a ferret for its entire lifetime (it had passed from old age). That was a big one with me, bc I wanted experienced owners.

They had children, but high school and college age, who all missed their other ferret very badly. They had a large house, where their previous ferret had full run of the house. So I let him go to his new home, and he was very happy (I got status reports often). I learned that I am NOT meant to be a ferret owner. They really are like toddlers, except smaller, which only means that can get into even more places they shouldn’t than your toddler can. LOL But it felt good to get such a cute little creature out of such a dismal life.


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Mar 29, 2013 What did they say?

Lol what did your friends say when they found out you gave him up for adoption?

Mar 29, 2013

It’s nice that you gave that ferret a lovely home. Normally, I wouldn’t be too excited of someone getting rid of their ferret, but I would rather that anyday than someone neglecting them 🙁
What you did was good. I’m glad you understood that you didn’t have the money and things like that. Most people would probably fall in love with their adorable faces and keep them, so that then they probably wouldn’t have that good of a home.

Sep 18, 2011 Great story 🙂
by: Anonymous It’s a shame that you decided that a ferret wasn’t the pet for you, Jennifer, as you sound like you would have been a very caring owner.What you did was wonderful – rescuing that ferret from appalling conditions and finding a forever home for him with good owners. What a shame you couldn’t have rescued his friend too :{

As I said, I think you would have made a great “ferent” but I applaud you for stacking up and pros and cons and realising that ferrets were not for you 😀

I think I speak for all loving ferret owners when I say thank you very much for what you did! That little guy would probably thank you very much too if he could 🙂

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