I have a Maximus problem!

by Geraldine Trobee
(Wenatchee, WA, )

Hi — I have a Ferret named Maximus, Max for short. He is my first Ferret and I got him at 15 months (just got him too).

Daddy got Max for me cause he’s gone for a really long time, sometimes all day and night, and I get real lonely.

Now Max is great and all but he smells bad and the lady Dad got him from said he’s a true Canadian Ferret. I’m not sure what that’s suppose to mean by much (I just started looking for answers & your site came up) and when she tried to get him descented they wouldn’t.

I’m not sure what that was about. Is it that if they are true pure bred Canadian Ferrets they won’t descent him? He is neutered though, (poor guy) and when I get to school, I smell funny and I’m not sure what I can do.

She had told Dad he can only have a bath once or twice a year, so is it the breed or whatever the ferret is, is what I’m limited to do?

He’s a great friend though and do they eat frogs? I have a 9 year old blue white tree frog that I have had since she was a tadepole and I don’t want him eating her or if they do.

He is my first ferret so I don’t know too much, just the basic stuff. He’s leashed trained and litter trained too.

If you can give me tips that would be awesome and well appreciated. I got him weighed and he came to 3.47 – is he suppose to be that big? He drags himself like a slinky or just slides around, instead of arching his back when he plays or walks. He has been that big since I got him about a week ago. Is that normal?

The lady gave him Alroy dog food which I’m weaning him off of cause they say dog food is not healthy for ferrets. It is bad for them, so I’m giving him boiled and rinsed chicken (I boil chicken breast and I rinse it so that there’s not much icky oils an stuff to help make it healthier for him) and ferret food mixed with dry cat food that suppose to taste like chicken. Is that OK?

If you can get a hold of me at — animaltrustonly_AT_yahoo_DOT_com — I have more Q’s needing A’s.

I want to make my Dad proud that I can take care of him well, and to give Max a really happy life and to be a healthy ferret.

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Mar 22, 2010 FOOD & BATHS
by: Dave 

They are carnivores & are allergic to dairy – so no milk just raw meat – some chicken wings & bones are good for their teeth – minced beef & lamb – clean water always – dry cat food occasionally.

They can be bathed with an all natural shampoo every 2weeks or so – mine loves having a shower with me – just be careful not to drop him/her.

If you change the diet you might find that the smell will improve a bit.


Mar 19, 2010 I have a Maximus problem
by: JC 

I’m sorry, I should have read your heading before asking where you live.

You’re in the States & there are a few very good ferret foods on the market. I would suggest that you feed him ferret food instead of cat food as long as you can get it here in the States.

I feed my ferrets the Wysong diet, go to www.wysong@wysong.net & check it out. Another brand that is good is Totally Ferret, which most pet stores have. Wysong you have to order, most pet stores don’t carry it unless you ask them to.

My other suggestion is look up a good vet that deals in ferrets, and have your sweetie checked out.

I hope this helps, they are such sweet animals & if handled right, are very loving. Enjoy your ferret, & learn as much as you can about ferrets.

This site All-About-Ferrets is so good.I have learned a great deal here.

Mar 19, 2010 I have a Maximus problem
by: JC 

First off, I’m very happy you’re taking him off the dog food. (His first owner was very stupid, knew nothing about ferrets).

You have come to the right site for sure, there’s a lot of good ferret parents here & they will help you.

Where do you live?
How old are you?
Do you have a vet?

Stay on this site & go to the forum on all about ferrets. I’m sure the people including myself will love to have you there & hope you have fun learning about ferrets & how much fun they are.

So Welcome & join in.

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