I just got my baby back

by katie mcdaniel
(toccoa /ga /usa)

Well, when I first got her about a year ago I had a cage. Not a two story cage.

Well her name is Bubbles and she was a baby when I got her. She was so small, she could get out between the cracks in her cage so I went out and got one of the two story cages with the ramp.

I would love for her to run around but we live with others that are afraid of her 🙁

I just adore her !!!


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Nov 22, 2008 Glad you got your baby back
by: Rory

but I hear what you say about living with others.

My ferret has to be caged when the flatmates are around but hey, better than if they let her out into the country,

I think you gotta go with the flow and make sure that your ferret is safe if you’re sharing a place with others.

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