by Payton
(Crossville TN USA)

Hi I am 9 years old, and I really want a ferret.

My parents won’t let me get one. I need help convincing my mom to get one at Petco.

She said that they stink too bad to have in the house. I said I would keep air freshened in my room.

That is when the conversation ended.


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Nov 18, 2014 Hey Payton!
by: Anonymous

It really is hard when your parents don’t want you to get a ferret but I would imagine that nagging them would be a terrible idea 🙁

I don’t know if your folks would be happy to take you to a nearby ferret shelter to see the animals there and to hold one.

They might think that they stink but, although they do have an odor, they really don’t “stink”. Getting to know a live ferret might make them realise what funny and gorgeous little critters they are, instead of the misconceptions they have at the moment.

If they’re adamant that they don’t want to have one in the house then perhaps you should just wait until you have your own place and then get one. They are very special little animals but some of them can be destructive, scratching at furniture and carpets, and that might not be something your folks would be too happy about!

Maybe you could show them some of them comments here of people who’ve just got a ferret and realized what fabulous little guys they are? Go through the comments in the “A Ferret for You?” page and see what people have said. That might be enough to get your parents thinking.

Good luck! I hope you get your ferret but don’t forget that having one is a BIG responsibility and you have to make sure that you look after it and keep it happy and healthy 😀

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