I want 1, I need 1, I love them!

I’m nearly 13 and I really want a ferret but my dad says that I need to earn some money so I’ve started dog walking.

My mum already has 2 Degus — does anyone know if a ferret will be okay with them.

So I am saving up all my money so I can afford a ferret.

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Aug 03, 2010 same here
by: Anonymous 

I’m almost thirteen too and I’ve been selling some things I don’t use any more to buy a ferret and the things it needs.

I barely have my mom saying yes but the problem truly is my grandmother!!! She dislikes most animals and ferrets are one of them.

Feb 03, 2010 I want 1, I need 1, I love them!

But what if they ( meaning Degus ) were in a cage and my ferret was in a BIG cage in my room?

Feb 02, 2010 No on degus
by: Anonymous 

Your mother’s degus look much like a rodent. Ferrets were (and in some places still are) used to hunt rabbits, AKA ferreting.

It would be VERY dangerous to have the degus & ferret/s in the same room, even with supervision.

Please read everything you can get your hands on about ferrets & talk to your local veterinarian about health treatment costs for ferrets.

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