I want a ferret

by molly

I want a ferret! I am responsible for my cat and dog and think having a ferret would be amazing.

My dog makes huge messes with every toy he gets and my sister and I clean it all up and I need help talking my parents into letting me have one.

If you can help email me :::


P.s the ferret I want is from the animal shelter and my parents won’t let me have that one either 🙁

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Jan 20, 2010 Might want to think twice about a ferret
by: Anonymous

Hi there – Here is a few things to think about before begging your parents for a ferret. Read a couple of books on ferrets. One that is really good is “the Idiots guide to ferrets”. That will give you a good overall view of ferret ownership.Go and talk to your veterinarian and visit a owner of a ferret in your area to see what all is required to keep one healthy and happy before taking the plunge into ferret ownership.

Do some looking into the costs for a ferret including the price of food/litter/cages/ hammocks and toys. Make sure you are allowed ferrets in your state

After gaining all this information on ferrets and you think you can do everything you need to take care of a ferret. Go to your parents with the information you have and make a case for getting another animal.

Remember, it may be that your parents cannot afford to care for another animal. Kids usually do not realize how expensive an animal can be as the parents foot the bill.

Good luck and I hope you become a ferret owner one day.

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