I want one so bad!!

I ask my parents for one but they said no! I even gave a 19 slide powerpoint presentation but they still wont budge!! Help me please!

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Sep 23, 2010 Their house, their rules?
by: Angie

I know how you feel. Growing up I loved all the critters I saw in the pet stores. I would beg my mom multiple times for years and the answer was always no. I’m still a bit aways from owning a ferret myself but in the summer I’ll be moving to Florida to start college in the fall and I’ll definitely be getting a part-time job… With my own money and resources I’ll finally be able to get a ferret.

All I can say is try to make a deal with them and if they don’t budge (like my parents) just have patience. In a few years if you still want one you’ll find a way of making it happen by your own means.

Dec 27, 2009 Compromise
by: Lissy

You gotta compromise, my parents wouldn’t let me get ferrets either 🙂 but eventually we agreed that as long as they lived outside where my parents didn’t have to smell them or touch them it was ok, lol. Now they can see how much I love and care for my little boy and girl they love them too…sorta. Mum still doesn’t like to touch them, lol 😉 good luck!

Dec 23, 2009 Ha
by: Anonymous

Do a 50 page one and tell them if they won’t buy you one, a ferret king will poop every night into your parents’ bed until the day they let you buy one.

You have to understand a few things .. that ferrets do smell bad, they do their dirty business whereever they feel like (unless you work hard on this problem), they steal things and hide them, they can hide food and it can be found at very random places where it stinks.

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