Inflammatory Bowel Disease in Ferrets


Inflammatory Bowel Disease – aka IBD – is caused by various problems, including food allergies, viral infections or immune disorders.

Symptoms can include:

Weight loss
Lusterless coat
Grainy poop

When the lining of the intestines get inflamed, it can cause decreased absorption of food and water and this results in a diarrhea which looks soft and grainy.

Older ferrets may need anti-inflammatory medication from the vet to fix the problem.

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I’ve put up a couple of pdfs from the American Ferret Association which might be of interest, so please feel free to download the ones you want…

An Enigma Wrapped in a Mystery – Inflammatory Bowel Disease by Bruce Williams, DVM DACVP (AFA) — Download Here

Inflammatory Bowel Disease in the Ferret by Mark E Burgess, DVM (AFA)Download Here



(Last updated November 2019)



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