Insulinoma and Essiac Tea……

by Jen Johnson
(Ohio, USA)

Imp is my 6 year old Marshall Farms ferret who was diagnosed with insulinoma several months ago. I’m very familiar with insulinoma and not at all happy with the medications prescribed for it. I’ve lost 3 other ferrets to this disease and I’m determined to make Imp’s life as happy as possible.

I was reading “The Healthy Pet Manual: A Guide to the Prevention and Treatment of Cancer” by Deborah Straw and it mentions ferrets. It also mentions Essiac tea as a possible treatment for any pet with cancer. I found some at my local health food store. I bought the box that included 3 packets of herbs that needed brewed to make the tea. They also offer pre-brewed tea as well. Here’s the link to find out more:

I’ve been giving Imp the tea late in the evenings and most times, he’ll drink it on his own. I’ve tasted it and it’s not awful. I’ve been able to decrease Imp’s prednisolone from .2 cc twice per day to .15 twice per day. He does have a bit of a “pred belly”, but he’s very active for an old, insulinoma man. I’ve even had him play, though briefly, like a kit.

He’s also on a high-protein diet including duck, chicken, rabbit and turkey. I buy it from Wysong already all ground up and in a can, so it’s very easy to feed.

I believe that giving Essiac tea has helped Imp to be as normal as possible. I think it has helped to shrink the microscopic tumors in his pancreas so he can function more normally.


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Dec 19, 2014 Essiac tea
by: David Jones

Essiac tea has several health benefits. It is in fact a versatile herbal supplement. The Essiac tea primarily serves the purpose of detoxifying the body. I used to have one cup of Essiac tea 15 minutes before working out. The Essiac tea has incredible properties of clearing the excess fatty deposits.
David Jones

Jun 16, 2014 Tobius Coffey
by: Anonymous

Tobius aka Toby is my 6yo wonder gib. He has lymphoma, insulinoma, pancreatic tumors, splenomegaly, IBD and adrenal disease. He has outlived the Dr.’s predicted life expectancy by a year now.Prior to starting treatment in spring of 2013 he was lethargic and did little more than sleep even soiling in his own bedding. His blood sugars were brittle, sometimes dropping into the 20’s within an hour after meds and food,and he would go into seizures. I started doing research, his Dr and I came up with a treatment plan.This is his regimen: prednisolone, essiac tea, forta flora, and salmon oil every 6 hrs around the clock with duck soup, CoQ10 and vitamin c daily. He plays again and even runs up and down the 16 steps in our home.He has obvious tumors, but his quality of life has definitely improved. We cherish everyday our sweet furbaby is with us.

Aug 20, 2012 Dosage for Essiac Tea
by: Anonymous

Hi there …

You can get information about how much Essiac Tea to give a ferret on this page …

Aug 19, 2012 Essiac tea
by: Anonymous

Can you tell me how much you gave your ferret and how. I believe my male ferret has adrenal gland problems and I just read about the essiac tea.

Dec 08, 2007 That’s good news
by: Anonymous

That’s really good news about Imp. I’ll be checking here to see how he’s getting on and hope the tea keeps doing it’s stuff.

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