is a ferret a good pet for me?

by haydyn foulke
(Virginia, US)

So I’m 12 years old and very responsible. I have a fairly large dog and a cat.

Well my ferrets cage/play pin will be under my bed (it’s a loft bed). I would mostly keep him in his cage or pen at all times except for putting him out for some sun in his cage or maybe walking him with those adorable little harnesses!!! I’m just worried about my dog eating my ferret though 🙁

Also I’ve wanted a ferret for over five years so I’m kind of in love with them. Do you know any convincing arguments for my mom also? I’ve almost got her on my side. Also I bring it up in every conversation 🙂

Any good names for a ferret?

K thanks!!

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Jun 01, 2013 i love ferrets
by: Anonymous 

Ferrets need lots of attention so you should spend tons of attention. Lots of people call their ferrets Bandit. Tell your mom that ferrets are very good pets for children or they’re perfect to have for pets because they are very playful. The dog and cat are most likely to try to kill the ferret so be careful.

Mar 09, 2012 Ferret as a pet
by: Anonymous 

If you did decide to get a ferret then I’d suggest making sure that your dog didn’t come face-to-face with your ferret until you were absolutely sure it wouldn’t harm the ferret. You’d have to supervise the introduction and give your dog the ferret’s bottom to sniff first, before turning its face around 😀

You could keep your ferret in the play pen, as long as it couldn’t climb out and escape. Having a big area to eat, sleep and play in is great but you’d obviously have to make time to play with it, so that you can socialize it. Ignored ferrets can get depressed and if depressed, they might just turn into biters.

Here’s a site with some interesting advice about naming a ferret 🙂

The only thing I can suggest with your mom is to let her read some of the posts by first time ferret owners here so that she gets to see how wonderfully surprised these owners are by the nature of ferrets and what great pets they make. That way it will be advice from someone else, not from you 🙂

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