by Alysia

I only had Jazmine for about 5 months. I bought her from a lady for 75 dollars and apparently she has been sick for a while and I never got told about it…’

Jazmine didn’t want to eat or drink towards the end of her life it was about 4 months when she stopped that…so I took her to the vet and on the way to the vet I saw that her vulva was swollen BADLY.

The vet told me it was probably an respiratory problem and she gave me medicine to give her and it didn’t work I took her back again. The vet said it was maybe the person who had fixed Jazmine left part of her ovary in her so she had to have surgery.

There was some tissue in Jazmine and she went through the surgery just fine…after the surgery the vet had called me and said she was doing very well…she asked if Jazmine could stay with her overnight so she could keep taking observations on her and I said OK…I wanted the best for Jazmine.

The next morning at 7:30am I had a call that said Jazmine didn’t make it through the night and when I heard that my heart dropped. The vet said that she must have been too weak to actually go through the surgery.

I miss Jazmine very much and after she had passed my other ferret(Max) hasn’t acted the same…I just hope Jazmine is having fun up on rainbow bridge and I hope she is waiting for me so I can see her again someday… I love her very much and miss her…

I love You Baby Girl!!!

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