jingle bells :)

by Michalla
(Schaumburg, IL, North America)

Well I just got my little fuzzies and they’re SO cute!!!! The owner couldn’t keep them, but she gave them to me!

Anyway their names were (and still are) Fattie and Boots. 🙂 Fattie is well a little … Ummm…. Chubby you could say. So when i let him out it’s not too hard to keep track of.

Boots on the other hand I can never can find. She’s so tiny!!! I’m looking and looking then I shake the treats and she’s back in the cage in a flash!!! So I look through the extra things and I find a little pink collar with a bell. Now I never lose her without hearing a jingle. 😀

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Aug 06, 2010 Your ferret Boots
by: Anonymous

That story so cute. I had a tiny ferret once and I used to put a plank up against the couch so she could get up without tiring herself out. LOL!Just remember that ferrets can slip their collars off so if you don’t hear the bell, don’t assume she’s not there. Like the site says, be paranoid and always check then check again. LOL!

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