Jumpa Jumpa

by Patrick Faas

Please don’t forget mentioning balconies. I had a ferret called Jumpa Jumpa, because she would race onto the dining room table, grab hold of a roast chicken, drag the whole thing to the edge of table, push it off, and then throw herself down after the chicken, despite the height, in an effort not to waste any time getting down. No way was she going to allow us to pick up the chicken from the floor, before she got to it.

Unfortunately she showed the same kind of bravery on the balcony. Other ferrets had demonstrated a healthy fear of heights, but not brave little Jumpa Jumpa. Hence my word of warning.


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Nov 21, 2009 Jumpa Jumpa
by: Anonymous 

Your ferret sounds like a real athlete and I can imagine how careful you have to be with her.

I had a boy who used to climb and I really had to keep an eye out for him because he’d scale the back of the washing machine, or, if the bottom drawer to our vanity was slightly open, he’d get in and climb up to the top drawer.

I can’t tell you how shocked I was the first time he did that. I heard scratching in the drawer, opened it and almost fainted when I saw his little face smiling at me. I kept all our tubes of ointments, etc, there so if he’d chewed on any of them, he could have died.

You have to watch them like hawks but it’s worth all the effort as they bring so much pleasure to our lives, IMHO 🙂

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