by Jodi Marquardt Dumit
(Bayside, WI USA)

Karma came into our lives on September 2, 2010. She was born on Valentines Day, 2010. She was a sweetheart indeed. She was so strong and curious about everything. Loved to jump as her form of ‘travel’. Never could make her bite and she always seemed to be a healthy eater. No sweet stuff, including raisins! Just loved her grain free food and ferret lax.

I could leave Karma out for hours and she would be very happy entertaining herself by pushing every paper bag we had in the pantry out onto the floor. After losing our previous ferret only 4 months prior, she was exactly what we were looking for and made us so happy!

But on New Year’s Day, 2011 she seemed to be breathing harder and just didn’t have that energy she normally had. We would give her food, but she just picked it up and put it back into her dish. Her chest felt tight. We took her to the emergency vet. Upon x-rays, her area where lungs should have black representing air were completely white. The trachea was pushed up and to the right side, which they believed represented a mass of some sort, not just fluid because the vital organs were barely visible. Lymphosarcoma was one word described to us. But she was only 11 months old, but this was not good either way. They weren’t even sure if she would make it through the night. We knew it was best to just euthanize her.

So on 1-1-2011 at approximately 11:11 p.m. Karma went to heaven. She was 11 months old.

It’s so shocking to us, to have her happy, bouncing around just a day ago to an aggressive cancer that took her so quickly.

I know she is over the Rainbow Bride and I hope she gets to meet ‘Critter’, our other ferret there and the two of them can play, pain free and happy.

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