Keep Floors Clean!

by Maddy

I have noticed that if I happen to leave any clothes on the floor, my ferret will sleep in them. There have been times when I have come close to stepping on her…

The thought of accidentally stepping on and crushing her kills me! So, now I make sure the floors are absolutely clear!!!


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May 24, 2009 Ferrets sleeping in clothes
by: GrannyWeasel

What you wrote raised a very good point and I will say that people need to be careful about scooping up piles of clothes from the floor and just shoving them into the washing machine. I’ve heard of two people who killed their ferrets by doing just that.

If you dump your clothes on the floor, please pick them up and shake each item of clothing out before putting it in the wash just in case your ferret is asleep there.

It really stuns me that people can be so casual about such important things when they have ferrets.

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