Kipling & Khorek

by Shirogane

Kipling is a healthy 4 and a half year old ferret, but two days ago he lost his lifetime partner, Khorek.

Our poor baby had a tumor. We made him an operation to see if we could take that thing out, but he was not that lucky and was infested with cancer all over the place. We decided that the best option was to put him down and let him sleep forever before he got even worse and suffered more pain.

The thing is …. Kipling, my surviving ferret, is now really lonely and he spends most of his time searching around the house and his cage for Khorek and leaving his favorite toys around in hope he’ll come running for them.

Kipling is not eating a lot. I know he’s depressed … How can I help my poor baby? My dad and I have been thinking of getting a new ferret to help him cope, but we’re not sure ….

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