Knowing how to cure the habit

Persistance with ferrets always pays off. Grabbing the ferret’s scruff when it’s a baby when it is doing anything inappropriate repeatedly will make the ferret think twice about it; and because of the short attention span, they’ll often just walk away looking for something else to do.

Claiming your space is very important. They will all do a “war dance” so you have to advance on them and make them back up till they understand it’s yours. I do it all the time with Rocco, now he’s just a cute, fat, docile, harmless, funny, perfect little ferret that is training other ferrets to be like him.


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Dec 04, 2012 Good advice!
by: Anonymous

Thanks so much for sharing that advice with others.You’re right – if we keep repeating to our ferrets what we want them to do, it wouldn’t take long for them to understand as they’re such intelligent little guys 😀

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