Laundry Basket

by Tommy

My ferret Nibbles was running around the house at 5pm. He always comes around at 6, 7 or 8 – the last time I saw him was 9.00!

I was looking for him at 10.00pm and he was nowhere to be found. I got his monkey that makes a noise & squeaked but he still did not come.

Two days passed.

I cried and my family cried until one day, when I came home from work I saw him!

I ran over, picked him up, gave him a kiss and put him in his cage; then I was walking down my street, taking down the “lost ferret” posters that I had made.

I was so happy I found him and my daughter was too. Our ferret is not just a ferret, he is family.

Now we have three ferrets … we still have Nibbles but we added two more, two girls we called Cyber and Loo Ley now that laundry basket is in the basement!


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Jan 08, 2010 Cool story about Nibbles
by: Tanya

Something we ferret owners have to be so aware about – checking out that our babies aren’t sleeping where they shouldn’t.

I am so glad you found Nibbles and now have more friends for him to play with.

He sounds like a cool ferret 🙂

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