by Jean Howard
(Gainesville, Fl)

I got Lenny right after my husband died and he was a comfort for the time I was grieving. Lenny filled a void that was lost for me.

Lenny was a special needs ferret. He had insulinoma and cataracts, and he was only 9 months old. He rarely played and would spend the time sleeping.

In May of 2008, he had a major stroke and died peacefully in my arms.

There is not a day that goes by that I don’t miss him. He was the joy that I found, and he will never be forgotten.

He left 5 brothers — Chili, Powder (his best friend) Bear, Fluff and Zorro and two sisters Honey and Sushi.

I had him cremated and he is a place of honor at our home.

I will seem him again at the Rainbow Bridge, and we will be together again.


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Dec 15, 2008 Lenny
by: Anonymous
I feel your pain and can totally understand how hard it is to lose a pet which means so much.
Lenny will be waiting for you at the bridge, no pain, just like he was when he was well, and you’ll all be reunited again.
Hot dang! That’s something to look forward to.

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