Lillie My Albino

by Luanna


Well one day I was talking to my dad trying to remember the name guinea pig but he said “ferret” so I talked with my mom who said yes and so did my dad.

So the next day on February 13th at a Petco and the funny thing was that she was the last one there, she was albino and she was 3 months old. I bought her and we took her home, I named her Lillie.

Today we are a happy little family but I am dying to get another but i can’t sadly.

That’s Lillie

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Mar 17, 2012 Three’s compay less is She’s a beauty.
by: onymous

She’s a real beauty.

More my two cents input I would indeed advise getting not one but two more little ones as that number allows you to have a back-up companion should you lose one of the others. Ferrets are fairly hardy animals but they will grieve the loss of a companion. If not given a great deal of attention when kept alone, they can get severely depressed, go off their food and die.

I keep three myself, all are rescue animals. The oldest is a four year old albino female named White Fir, two 10 month olds a sable male named Timi and a panda female named Tina.

Mar 10, 2012 Oh, Lillie!
by: Tia

Lillie sounds like a beautiful girl, and she looks like she has a big heart, and i think she’s so cute!

Mar 07, 2012 Lillie
by: Furquin

Oh Luanna, your Lillie is a gorgeous little girl 🙂

She sounds like a real sweetie pie and I’m sure she’ll bring you many years of love and laughter with all her funny antics! You’re a lucky girl!

Please give her a big kiss on that cute little nose of hers from me and my guys 😀

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