by Bella
(Leumeah, NSW, Australia)

R.I.P Lizard

R.I.P Lizard

My little BEW, Lizard, was only 6 months old when she died. She was the most content little thing, and her favourite pastime was wandering into the bathroom and licking your toes dry after a shower! She wandered freely, even outside, but always returned. One day, on a walk on her leash which she loved, a red belly black snake (deadly here in Australia) managed to bite her and kill her almost instantly as she was snuffling around in some long grass.

I like to think that she risked her life to save that of my partner at the time, who would have very likely been bitten if Lizard hadn’t first alerted him to the presence of the snake.

R.I.P dear heart.

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