If you are like me, you’ll be scratching your head wondering what on earth I’m talking about.


What does that mean?!

Thank God for little girls, because if it weren’t for my daughters, I wouldn’t have any idea about what this “LOLcat” speak was all about!

I got an email from #1 daughter, Alexia, with links to funny LOLCat pictures and I must say that I laughed at a lot of them. Cats do manage to make the most ridiculous postures.

I asked #1 daughter what the “language” was – thinking it was like “gangsta-speak”. No, she laughed , it was called LOLCat speak and sent me to Wiki to read all about it.

Ahhh – okay. So if we have LOLCat speak with pictures, can we not have LOLFerrets?

Of course we can!

I would love to include your LOLFerretz submissions so please send them to me and we can all have a laugh!



LOLFerretz done by our readers …

BANDIT, owned by Amber


(The girl drinking soup is KITTY – owned by Alexandar & Brett, Seattle, WA)



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