loose air vents lids

by Emerald (10 year old girl)

I’ve never had a ferret but I’m going to get one soon and sitting and looking around, I see an air vent that leads down to the furnace in my basement.

I don’t think anyone would want a crispy dead ferret so if you let your ferret run around your house and you have air vents lids that are loose, make sure you cover them.


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Oct 07, 2009 Loose air vents lids
by: JC

You are so right !!! I have an very old house & there’re grates over the holes to the heater — some are on the floor, the others in the wall. Well, one day when Trouble Bubble was out playing, I heard a bang, looked over and there she was on the other side of the grate. This was one that was in the wall. I didn’t even know it was loose, but she worked it till she got in. Thank God I got to her in time, before she fell through the hole to the basement. Every vent from that day one got new screws.
I also had to cut boards to place under my Ice Box & Stove. Then there’s the little hooks on the doors under the sink. Yep!!! Just like having a crew of two year olds.You got to watch them all the time. LOL

Oct 06, 2009 agree
by: Anonymous

Good idea! I have ferret proofed as best I can.
Another thing to think about are rugs. My ferret likes to get under them and, to the naked eye, you think it’s a wrinkle. Don’t want a mashed ferret either! LOL

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