Loose threads and claws

by Bee

I have 3 ferrets — Elliott, Bobby and Nom Nom.

So far only this incident has happened to Elliott, my biggest boy.

They used to have towels or old sheets for bedding and if there were any loose threads, he would often get his claw(s) stuck on them. When he would see me, he’d get so excited, he’d jump around trying to get my attention and nearly rip his little toe off in the process.

I recommend removing any bedding or cloth that has loose threads.


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Aug 31, 2009 Loose threads
by: Anonymous

That is excellent advice. I heard a noise one night and found my ferret dragging a towel — like yours, his nails had got snagged and he couldn’t shake the towel off.

Since then I only use old cotton tee shirts as bedding!

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