Loving my ferret!!

by Anonymous 😛

I’m fourteen and I got my ferret about 8 months ago, and my obsessive research was very similar to the other girls my age back there. My mom didn’t agree either….so dad and I surprised her one Saturday!

We needed a fun pet who could, unlike a cat or a dog, not require mom to do anything and be able to live in our unfinished basement.

Before all the ferret mommas go all crazy on me, he has tons of blankets, a big super pet 3 story cage, and two big connected Marshall playpens to roam around in. He also gets at least 2 hours of play a day. Because I wanted to start fresh, I got a less than 1 year old ferret from PETCO(along with all of the supplies).

WARNING TO ALL PETCO BUYERS: 1)My Petco didn’t cut my ferret’s nails, so your first stop should probably be the vet, because all you gain from attempting to do it yourself are some cut up arms and a cranky ferret

2) Next time, I would probably get one from a shelter, but I’m glad I have my baby, Chui!

He is a lot more work than I thought he would be, or maybe it just seems like more because of the more work I get in 8th grade. He’s relatively good with his litter box, but I usually get a little present every day. His first bath, because he hated water, was a horrible experience which I never plan on doing again (unless it is necessary).

I wanted a second ferret, but my dad said that it is just another life to take care of, and I decided that Chui would just do good with more play. Here’s the shopping list that I got for my first ferret:
-Hairball remedy
-Ear Cleaner
-High fat and protein diet
-Nail clippers
-Pet Carrier
-Ferret Cage
-Lock n crock
-Water bottle
-Litter box
-Paper litter
-Marshall Tunnel or drain guard
-Toothbrush and toothpaste
-Ferretone*MUST HAVE :D*
-Play Pen
-Small animal KONG
All including ferret added up to $300. Vet appt-$50

Ferrets are great pets who will always make you laugh, but if you have a busy schedule then they are NOT for you. You need to commit at least 2 hours to them, and if you want to go to a friend’s house: Find a little sibling to dump the hours of work on!

I also wanted to say that this is a great website! I wish I saw this earlier. I also recommend:

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Oct 16, 2011 Look like my ferret.
by: Emily

This looks excacly like my little Girl, Coconut.

Jun 27, 2011 Ferret tips
by: Chui’s owner 🙂

Thanks!! Well I needed a pet so that my mom had to do nothing. And that’s a plus, because my mom actually does do absolutely nothing for him. I do have a little brother to feed him and play with him when I am gone, so make sure you have something like that. They sleep all day except for like 5 hours, most of which you gotta play with them. I usually get around 2-2½ hours, but make sure your lifestyle isn’t too busy, because that might make it hard.

If you get two, they’ll be able to play with themselves more, lessening your work. Uhmm well they are adorable, and you need to make your parents see them playing in person to really get it. A lot of people think they know what ferrets look like, which is usually a rat. Try and take them to some ferret shelter. They also only smell if you don’t clean their stuff well. They are pretty expensive, but my friend bought just her dog for $800 which is more than everything I spent on Chui.

Rabbits and basically anything smaller don’t really give you the satisfying play that a cat, dog, or ferret does.

Well okay I’ve written a lot again, soo Immma let you go. Good luck with the parents!!

Jun 27, 2011 So cute!
by: Claire

Hi, you might have read my page, therefore know that I am a teenager that wants a ferret. I just wanted to say that Chui is absoloutly georgous and you are the luckiest person in the world! I hope you have a great time with him 🙂 What would you say are the good points about having a ferret so I can show my parents that they are amazing pets? Once again, Chui is sooooooooo cute! 😀
Thank you, Claire.

Apr 28, 2011 Thanks!
by: Chui’s owner 🙂

Thanks a lot! Sorry about your ferret, and I love PetFinder.com. Good luck with your parents!

Apr 28, 2011 Cute ^^
by: Stephanie

It’s kinda creepy because he kinda looks like my Stewie (my ferret who had to be put to sleep Feb 17 (he’s been gone almost 3 months now…)). But yes, they are so lovable and funny it almost makes you forget the costs of owning one. (almost… XD) I currently have a ferret cage, ear cleaner, pet bowl, water bottle, shampoo, collar w/bell, and a brush. But no ferret to take care of :C. I’m currently trying to get my parents to let me adopt a ferret from petfinder named Eli, but as always it’s no. I think it was even a fluke I got Stewie! But anyways, congrats on your new ferret, and I hope the two of you make wonderful memories together.

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