by Kahla

I adopted Lulu, my little albino girl, from a ferret shelter in north Idaho. She was 3 years old and had been at the shelter for 2 years.

Her ferret friend since she was a baby had just passed a few months before. She was my first ferret.

I had many ups and downs with her – she was very fearful when I first got her, partly because she could not see very well.

I was still learning what life with a ferret was like. She brought me out of my shell, she made me play with her on the floor for hours and whenever she heard the yogurt drops cup she would come running and stand there, looking up at me.

When I would take her for walks, she would always stand partly on my foot and look for danger, and she would always make sure my/her ferret boys were safe and close.

One day I went to pick her up from boarding after going on a trip and she looked very skinny and listless. I brought her home and all she did was sleep and barely drink, I only saw her eat once that week.

I had called the vet and had an appointment for the next day…but we never made it. She had had a few strokes the day before and was almost paralyzed in her back legs, though she still would pick up her stuffed baseball and carry it to different hiding places.

At about 11:00pm I went to check on her and realized she was not breathing. I touched her and she was cold…I had lost her, the vet thought she died of insulmonia.

It broke my heart to lose her, and I still tear up when I think of her, I only had her for 7 months but it was like a lifetime.

I will never be the same without you Lu, I am a better person having known you.

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