Macaroni’s Big Dump

My ferret Macaroni loves to poo in the darnedest places. I’m forever finding areas where she’s left one.

Unfortunately, she met her match one day. While under the bookself in our living room, Macaroni pooped on the power bar. She suffered major burns on her back paws, and minor ones on her belly and hands. She’s one lucky ferret.

So keep an eye on where your power bars are! I filled my extra plugs with baby savers as soon as it happened. I also blocked off under the bookshelf, just to be safe.


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Dec 27, 2009 Scary!

by: Lissy

I’ve had a scare like that too :S My little girl Lilah likes to sleep on the power cords behind the TV, coz it’s so warm.

One day I found her there after searching for a bit and she wouldn’t move. I was so scared but I reasoned that she may just be in dead sleep mode. I woke her up but she was still really lethargic and just went back to sleep. I called the vet and described her behavior, but the vet said that if she was electrocuted the whole house would have blocked out momentarily.

Regardless, I carried her around in a handbag filled with blankets for the rest of the day untill she started acting like herself again 🙂 She turned out to be fine though…just sleepy I guess.

Dec 24, 2009 Burnt Macaroni
by: Anonymous

Oh wow! What a story and how very, very fortunate for your little Macaroni that she only suffered light burns on her tootsies.

Thank you for sharing that and I would urge all ferret owners to take note and also take the necessary precautions that such a thing never happens to their ferret.

Funnily enough I heard a story from a friend who said that a ferret owner she knew had a total blackout caused by a ferret piddling on the powerboard!

Good thing her ferret didn’t end up frizzled from that little caper. Sheesh!

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