Make sure who’s watching your ferret you can TRUST!

by Tia

I currently have two living ferrets, Rowzi and Moe. They go almost anywhere I go (not on vacations, though, my ferrets wouldn’t ever allow it since it’s a vacation and I shouldn’t clean up poop in vacation), so of course when I’m outside they are. Well, I have a round cage-like thing you can put your ferrets in to play in (it’s really cool highly recommend it) outside or inside.

So Rowzi and Moe were playing in that and everything when I had to go do something so I asked my little sister (8) if she would please watch my ferrets real quick and how she just needs to make sure they don’t get out of the cage. She didn’t even need to entertain them.

So, when I came back for my ferrets, there were holes dug out of the cage (that’s why you must watch them), and they weren’t there. I freaked. I ran inside and said to my sister, “Where’s Moe and Rowzi?!” “I don’t know!” I was MAD. “You were supposed to watch them!! Why aren’t you!!?” She denied it, of course. “Nuh-uh! You even said you wanted to watch them! Remember I started to ask Mom first, but you asked too?!” Then she said, “I got bored just sittin there watching ferrets.”

I ran back outside to find them. I thought they were gone. I didn’t tell my parents because I didn’t want them to think I wasn’t responsible. Soon, I found Moe. He wasn’t really far away. He’s really fat so it takes him a while. I quickly got him then took him to their cage. I latched the door and set out to find Rowzi. I looked forever, when then, my stepfather said, “Hey, Rowzi’s out here.” as if it happened every day (which it doesn’t). I had to explain to mom and my stepfather what happened. My stepfather didn’t care and went downstairs, but my mom talked to my sister. My sister said she yelled, but she didn’t. My sister was really mad I “tattletailed”, but whatever. She didn’t even get in trouble or yelled at, so she shouldn’t’ve been mad. She doesn’t ever get in trouble, anyway.



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Apr 09, 2013 Good post, thank you!
by: Anonymous

Yes, you really have to trust a ferret sitter. Too scary to think of what could happen to your ferret if the sitter isn’t paying attention 🙁

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