Malayan Weasel (Mustela nudipes)


aka … Malay weasel, Malaysian weasel, barefoot weasel, golden weasel


The body color can vary from reddish brown to a pale, grayish white and the head is much lighter than the body.

The soles of the feet are naked around the pads.

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According to Walker’s Carnivores of the World, the head and body length is 300-360mm, and the tail length is 240-60mm.[wp_ad_camp_2]

Like most mustelids, the males are generally larger than the females.


A litter of 4 has been recorded.


Very little information is available but based on other similar sized weasels, it is assumed they live for 3-10 years.

Distribution & Habitat

The Malayan weasel can be found in southern Thailand, on the Malaysian peninsula, Sumatra, Brunei and Borneo.


Not much information is available but one would assume the Malayan weasel eats pretty much the same as other weasels, ie small rodents, lizards, insects and eggs.

Conservation Status

The Malayan weasel is considered Lower Risk Least Concern on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species website.


A home video clip of someone’s pet Malayan weasel …



How to say “Malayan Weasel” in different languages

  • Arabic: ابن عرس ماليزي
  • Chinese: 香鼬(香鼠)
  • Czech: Malayan lasice / lasice východní
  • Dutch: Maleisische wezel
  • Estonian: mustelo naĝhaŭta
  • French: putois à pieds nus
  • German: nacktfußwiesel
  • Japanese: ハダシイタチ
  • Lithuanian: Malaizinė žebenkštis
  • Malay: Pulasan tanah / Jelu Masak Pisang
  • Polish: Łasica malezyjska
  • Russian: Малайская ласка
  • Spanish: comadreja descalza
  • Swedish: barfotsvessla
  • Swiss: nacktfusswiesel
  • Thai: และเพียงพอนเล็กสีน้ำตาล
  • Turkish: Malayan gelinciği
  • Vietnamese: chồn Malaya




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