Missing all the fun

by Beth


marbled polecat

My name is Beth. I used to be a ferret owner and do foster care and ferret rescue in Minnesota, where i would socialize and retrain ferrets for new homes. I have found that with education families can have a great time with these guys. I am currently living in Kuwait and find myself wanting companionship and since i am allergic to cats, I sincerely wish to have another ferret. But finding one here is difficult. So I have been on the net looking for one, and the closest I have come is a posting from a woman with a marbled polecat which has a similar personality. I have not been able to find out where to get one or even a ferret. Please help me with any info if you can. Sincerely, lonely in kuwait

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Oct 19, 2009
by: Anonymous 

Have you tried poking around the Friday Market? Unfortunately there aren’t any commonly known pet stores here in Kuwait. You can always check with the PAWS organization too to see if anyone has surrendered any for rescue.

Sep 06, 2009 Missing all the fun
by: JC 

I have no idea at all on where you’d fine a ferret in Kuwait but the picture of the Marbled Polecat was so cute, I had to comment on it.

I hope you find your joy, whether it’s a Marbled Polecat or ferret. I do hear that Marbled Polecats do act like ferrets in many ways. I’d love to have a Marbled Polecat. Good luck!!!

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