Monster Fridge

by Tina Staniel

One day I went into the fridge to get a can of diet coke. I went over to the couch and started to watch the televison. Before long I had fallen asleep. It was for about 30 minutes. When I went to the fridge to get some ice tea I saw my ferret in the fridge.

She was a very strong ferret and didn’t die but if I didn’t notice her she would have been dead.



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Feb 06, 2009 Fridge/Freezer
by: Anonymous

I know of someone who had an upside down fridge/freezer and their ferret jumped into the freezer part when they didn’t notice. Fortunately they noticed he wasn’t round so checked the freezer and found a very cold boy in there.

I guess it’s good ferrets have thick fur otherwise it would have been a disaster.

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