Motley escapes

by Josie Bonaz
(Wollongong NSW Australia)

We’d had Motley for about a month or two and she had free reign on our house.

I left for work early and left my bf at home asleep w/ her. At lunch time I got a call from him saying her couldn’t find her anywhere and that a plank of wood that covered the piping underneath our bathroom basin had fallen down (she’d actually pulled it off). I came home straight away and found the manhole to crawl under our units and search for her. The next day I went under again n still didn’t find her.

For five days we left a torch on at the hole and covered our suburb in ‘lost’ posters. On the sixth day we were watching tv and a very skinny, dirty Motley comes bounding up to us from the piping! We bolted up the hole and haven’t let her in the bathroom since.


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Nov 14, 2010 Motley
by: NL 

OMG! AAARGH! Every expletive in the vocabulary! Oh Josie … I am SO relieved that Motley came back to you but I can imagine your stress factors must have been super high during those days when she was missing!

Great that you got the little one back and make sure you tell her NEVER to go exploring again – LOL!

A great ferret proofing example and one with a happy ending – yay! o/

Big hugs to Motley for being such a smart ferret and coming back HOME 😀

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