my ferret addiction

by maggie

I got Jack, an albino male ferret, in May and I want to get him a playmate.

I was on craigslist and and i saw a free 4 1/2 year old dew colored ferret so I’m getting him too. Then I was browsing and saw an ad for 2 Marshall ferrets, cage and all. I can’t get them but would love to lol. Saw an ad for a 7 month old female sable ferret but she was already sold.

I thought it’d be nice to have a sable girl so I put a wanted ad on craigslist saying “wanted sable female”. I got 2 responses back saw their pics and fell completely in love with the 2 girls so hopefully I’m getting them 2 so I’ll have 4 fuzzys in 5 months.

It’s crazy how a ferret can take over our lives! I love ferrets.


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May 24, 2011 My Ferret addiction
by: JC

All I can say is they grow on you !! You just can’t have one. I took in one, then got two at a pet store, then 5 more take-ins. They grow on you !! I have only 4 at the present time – lost 4 to illness. love them I do !! Don’t know which I’m happier for you or your sweet angel !! Congratulations.

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