my ferret and cats

by david
(coos bay, oregon)

One day our neighbor was out for a walk and came a cross a ferret walking across the road.

He pick it up and took it home. We adopted her and a wonderful relationship was formed.

Hearing that cats and ferrets don’t get along, I worried when my friend brought her over to visit. We had kittens so I wasn’t sure that the mother cat wouldn’t kill the ferret.

Wow – what a surprise! The bigger cats weren’t too sure about the ferret, but the kittens loved her.

Playing around, rolling with the kittens tucked in the roll of her belly, the kittens loved playing with friskey. The bigger cats eventually got used to her.

Never once did the ferret or my 9 cats have any problem with each other.

I’m not saying that all cats and ferrets will get along but ours did.

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Feb 26, 2009 Ferrets & Cats
by: JC That was a wonderful story. I can just picture them all playing. My cat was afraid of my ferrets wouldn’t even come close to them. Ran every time they came close. You’re Lucky!!

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