my ferret Figgy and cancer

by Rob

I just want to tell you guys about my ferret Figgy who had cancer basically throughout her entire body.

She was 3.5 yrs old and I had her diagnosed by a local vet, who said there was nothing he could do and we should just try to make her comfortable as possible and she probably had a few weeks left.

With me being into herbs and natural food all my life, I had to seek out every possible means for helping my li’l Figgy.

I found Mark Newkirk, DVM, of Margate, New Jersey, who specializes in holistic medicine, using a mixture of conventional medicine along with alternative.

The day I brought Figgy to him she was literally on her last slow breaths when he laid her on the examine table. Her body was limp and her breaths were very slow and long in between.

I thought she had 1 breath left in her and at that point, Dr Newkirk gave her activated oxygen via her anal cavity.

Like magic within a minute this instantly brought her back to life. She sat and looked alive for the first time in a good month.

Dr Newkirk put Figgy on Poly-MVA and a few other things which I don’t quite recall since this was about 4 yrs ago.

Within 2 days Figgy was walking around the house with no signs of weakness in her hind legs and eating her food out of the bowl. She did incredibly well on this regimen along with a weekly visit for activated oxygen for about 3 months.

At that point we thought Figgy was gonna be with us for along time to come but we made a decision on Dr Newkirk’s recommendation to remove her spleen which, after removal, showed complete saturation with cancer.

Figgy passed 2 weeks after the removal. My guess is she probably could not fight off an infection.
Unfortunately I live 1.5 hrs from the doctor’s office and could not get Figgy there for activated oxygen treatments during her recovery, which most likely would have got her little weak body through.

I am very thankful I found Dr Newkirk and hope all vets eventually get some training in alternative care.

I believe Figgy would have made it and possibly conquered cancer if she was not so far gone before bringing her to Dr Newkirk and us being such a distance from his office.


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Jan 05, 2009 Figgy & Poly-MVA
by: Nona Thanks so much for sharing your story about your little Figgy.

I am so sorry she didn’t make it but hopefully, should another of your ferrets get sick, you’ll know what to do sooner. It’s always such a worry when a ferret is ill and you always wonder if you could have done more to help.

You certainly did all you could, finding that holistic vet and giving her a few more good weeks of her life.

I’m also grateful that you told me about Poly-MVA. I found a place in Australia which sells it so have contacted them to see about getting it for my ferret which has insulinoma.

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