My Ferret George

by Stephanie Griggs
(Pearisburg, Virginia United States)


George sitting in the clothes basket after I’ve put up clothes. I’m guessing he’s looking for my socks

I first got George in January 2009 and he is a joy.

I’ve taken so many pictures of him because he is always doing something silly. He loves to play chase and nip at your feet when you walk.

When we first got him, he was very independent. We’d let him out of his cage and he would go off exploring. A few months passed and now every time he gets out, he immediately goes and finds me.

A few days ago, my fiance’ had to go out of town for a funeral and I decided to stay with my aunt. My aunt has a black Pekingese named Izzy. I was very cautious that Izzy would not like George and try to harm him.

One morning, George wanted out of his cage so I put his harness on him and took him for a walk upstairs. Izzy was out in the hall so I was cautious. I sat down and picked up George and introduced them. Izzy did not know what do! Everytime George moved, Izzy would jump back. Well after a while, I was confident that he was not going to hurt him. So I shut my bedroom door and let George off his harness. They played for a while and then George jumpted in his cage, climbed in his hammock and went to sleep. Now, I’m happy to say that everytime I open my door, Izzy runs up the stairs, jumps on my bed and waits for George to wake up so he could play. It was really cute and I will cherish that memory.

I’ve decided to get George a friend because he is seem lonely. I’ve got a lady coming in from South Carolina (I’m in Va) to sell me her ferret with his cage. The only worry I have is if George will be okay with this? I don’t want him thinking we are replacing him. I’m doing this for him. So he will not be lonely when we are away.

I plan on selling his old cage since the cage I am getting is bigger. I’m going to keep his hammock so he can sleep in it. That way he can have something that it his. I’m also keeping his water bottle and food dish. I don’t want any rivalry between the ferrets. They are both males and are sterile. So I’m hoping that this will not cause any problems.

Ferrets aren’t that bad. Sure, he does steal my socks and hide them under the recliner and I’ve caught him sleeping under there. He even loves getting into our dresser drawers and falling asleep.

The only problem with him is that he loves to use the bathroom in our bathroom instead of his cage. And he loves getting into the waste basket or getting under the sink and going to sleep. And you are right. Ferrets love digging at carpets. We still haven’t found a solution for that yet.

Comments for My Ferret George

Feb 01, 2011 cute
by: grace

Aww that’s cool. Your ferret is so cute. He looks like he’s having lots of fun. I have a ferret too, they are so much fun to have and your ferret is very cute:)

Feb 01, 2011 cute
by: grace

aww thats cool your ferret is so cute he look like he’s having lost of fun,i have a ferret to they are so much fun to have and your ferret is very cute:)

Mar 19, 2009 Yes – careful of recliners
by: Gracie

It’s so true what Ben said about recliners.

We threw out our recliner when we got ferrets but we had a sofa with a fold-out bed in the house and one of our boys got tangled up inside. He was okay but was kinda bent when he was rescued from that bed so we threw the sofa out too.

Please think about replacing your recliner with an ordinary chair because they are so dangerous to have with ferrets in the house.

Mar 19, 2009 AAHHH RECLINERS!!!!
by: Ben

Great story! I love the part about Izzy. A lot of people don’t realize how well cats and ferrets get along.

My roommate was scared about her cat and my ferrets because the ferrets were a little rough at first. But once the cat learned to stand up for herself, now they play all the time. When I open their cage, the cat will hide and pounce on the first one to come out. Then it’s all gloves off as they take turns chasing each other around. The cat only sleeps by the ferrets cage now too.

One thing that I was VERY CONCERNED about with with your story was the mention of a RECLINER, and A FERRET SLEEPING UNDER IT!!!! Be very, very careful of this. Before I ever owned ferrets, my friend introduced me to his. While there one day with some other friends, his girlfriend didn’t realized there was a ferret sleeping in the recliner and opened the legs. Unfortunately the ferret was horribly injured (nearly severed in half) and died slowly. DO NOT ALLOW FERRETS NEAR RECLINERS. This was heartbreaking for my friend, his girlfriend, and most importantly a life was lost. Just a heads up.

Give Izzy and George a scratch from me!

Mar 13, 2009 My Ferret George
by: JC

He sounds like one Happy ferret. Hope all works out with your new Ferret. They do have a way of training the mommys & daddys, Now don’t they LOL..
Enjoy your sweetie.

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