my ferret Tommy

by natasha


Tommy 🙂

I was in a pet shop and I saw a sweet baby ferret. He looks very friendly and I buy him. At first he was a little bit scared about my dog but now they are best friends. They play with each other, eat and sleep.

My ferret loves to play a lot and run in the house; he likes to touch and see everything. I take him out with me and he loves it – he plays in the grass and loves the swings! He also loves children.

I love him very much. He loves to play a lot and he is a part of the family. I love him xxxxxxxxxx


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Jul 01, 2012 Lucky 🙂
by: Catrin

Ahhh, little Tommy looks like a right little sweetypie you’re lucky everything worked out so well. I adopted three ferrets and they’re still not what I’d call normal… poor things they were abused 🙁

Jun 28, 2012 Tommy
by: Anonymous

Natasha, your Tommy is a gorgeous little guy and I’m sure he will bring you many years of happiness and laughter 🙂

Remember that males need to be desexed when they are about 6 months old otherwise they get very smelly and *can* get aggressive because they want to mate.

Find a good vet who understands ferrets so that you’ll be happy that they can sterilise Tommy when the time comes and also so that they can give him the proper vaccinations to keep him safe from Canine Distemper and Rabies.

I hope you’ll let us know how he’s getting on. Thank you so much for telling us about him and showing us his photo 🙂

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