My first Ferret!!

by Kaylee

Hi my names Kaylee, I’m 11 and I just got my ferret. his name is Casper and he’s 8 weeks old. I love him so much already … BUT there’s one problem! He lovesss to bite!

I went online and did research and none of the tricks have worked, like saying “No”.

I haven’t tried the spray but I will. The only time I can hold him is when he’s asleep like now. Is it a good sign if he sleeps in my lap? Why after playtime will he try and bite me when I put him back in his cage? Help!!! Please.


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Apr 26, 2012 hi
by: Anonymous 

Hi – I got mine from the Ferret Assocation in Canberra.

He would bite me all the time when I got him home – they said to tap or flick the nose, not hard but soft and say no, and make a loud welping noise; and when they are playing without hurting or biting me to give a reward to them. He now only has biten me once and that was because he fell off my shoulder by being silly.

Jan 16, 2012 My first ferret
by: faith 

Hello Kaylee,

When I wanted a ferret I was at a pet store. They were so cute; then I got two so I did lots of research on how to take care of them and what my first impression should be and i also looked up baby names on google.

I was so happy but then I saw, “play for 4 hours”! I thought “oh no I’m going to be in school!” so I told my mom. She said, “Wow, you really care about them!”

I said “of course I do, they’re like family!”.
Then I figured I can play with them when I get home, so I did.

After a while playing with them they started 1o bite me. I told my mom. She said “let them; now it hurts you make a little scream” and I did and after doing that they stopped and now we’re all best friends!(:

Jan 07, 2012 Biting
by: Jim 

My ferret bit me to when he was little. One thing I did was evey time he bit, I would whine like a puppy. So he knew he hurt me!!! After a time of doing this he would not bite me hard any more.

Casper just needs to know that he’s hurting you when he’s playing.


Jan 01, 2012 Thank you CJ
by: Kaylee 

Thank you – me and my mom are going to get ferretone for him he’s actually getting a little bit better with the nipping. He hasn’t been doing it that much I think he maybe needed time to adjust and then some nipping training stuff! Thank you for the advice!!!

Jan 01, 2012 Nippy Ferret
by: CJ 

Glad to hear about the new addition to your family, Kaylee, but I can imagine it would be difficult if Casper’s a nippy ferret.

Have you tried putting a small dab of Ferretone on your fingers so that when Casper goes to nip, he’ll like the taste of the Ferretone and lick you instead. When he licks, praise him and give him a treat so that he learns that licking is good but nipping isn’t.

Kits tend to play roughly and they also grab their siblings by the neck. Since ferrets have thick skin, they have to learn that we don’t so they have to be taught to not nip as hard as they would with their brothers or sisters.

And yes, it’s great that he likes to sleep on your lap! It means he trusts you and is happy 😀


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